ACIDIC / 2023

"ACIDIC by AlterX," a collection deeply infused with the essence of techno nightlife, boasts a striking palette of grey and black. This line artfully marries the rebellious texture of vegan leather with the sophistication of an ultra-light, breathable blend of wool and polyester. A highlight of ACIDIC is the array of star pieces, each bringing its unique narrative to the forefront of high fashion.

The "Vault Blazer" emerges as a centerpiece, characterized by its sharp, structured silhouette and bold, structured shoulders, a true embodiment of power dressing. "Cropped X Blazer," in contrast, offers a daring reinterpretation of the classic blazer, with its truncated hemline and intricate silver ring embellishments that capture the collection's modern ethos.

"Escape Blazer" stands as a testament to fluidity and movement, its sleek lines and understated elegance making it a versatile yet statement piece. The "Undercover with Sheer Underlay" redefines traditional boundaries, combining the mystery of sheer fabric with the resilience of the collection's signature vegan leather.

Completing the vision is the "Undercover Harness Trousers," a revolutionary design that merges the boldness of a harness with the tailored grace of high-end trousers. This piece, along with others in the collection, features thoughtfully designed back zip closures and fully lined interiors, ensuring not only a striking appearance but also a comfortable and luxurious wearing experience.

ACIDIC, through these standout pieces, transcends the typical narrative of fashion. It's a collection that pulsates with the energy of the night and champions ethical fashion choices and avant-garde design, making it a beacon for those who dance to the beat of their own drum in the vast world of high fashion.

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